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The Gospel of Matthew

Dr. Shane Koehler walks us verse by verse through this incredible account of Jesus of Nazareth, the long-awaited Messiah who will usher in the kingdom of God.

Bible Studies

50 Chapters Every Christian Should Know

This series walks through 50 foundational chapters in scripture to help deepen you faith and biblical knowledge. > View Series

The Psalms

This series will look at the authors, format, and topics of the Psalms and the spiritual impact on the serious reader.​
> View Series

1 Corinthians: Called to be Saints

This timely study of Paul’s first preserved letter to the troubled church at Corinth provides practical instructions and pointed exhortations to believers who are called by God yet struggling to live out their calling in a corrupt culture. > View Series

Revelation: Living with the End in View

How do we live today in the light of the truth written in the revelation of the Apostle John? > View Series

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God and Government

07.03.2022 |Shane Koehler| Romans 13:1-5

Modern governments and leaders may seem corrupt or incompetent, but they are no worse than the governmental leaders in Rome at the time, Paul. In this context, Paul instructed the church in Rome on how to properly view the government and humbly remind us of who really is in control.

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